After weeks of preparation, Jimtown Junior High took home the Overall Champion trophy from Daman Products’ 2017 Fluid Power Action Challenge held at Bethel College on March 3. The Challenge process began on January 12, when 28 teams of four students from South Bend Community School Corporation, John J Young Middle School, Jimtown Junior High School and South Bend Career Academy attended Daman’s Workshop Day. Here they were introduced to fluid power and—at the end of the day—were presented with the “Challenge”. Each year, teams are challenged to develop an engineering solution by creating a hydraulic or pneumatic machine using only wood, paper, glue, tubing, and syringes.


  • Teamwork Category: Jackson - Team 11
  • Design Category: John J Young -Team 21
  • Portfolio Category: LaSalle-Team 18
  • Challenge Category (move the block): Jimtown-Team 28
  • Overall Champion: Jimtown-Team 28  


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Every once in a while, we have the opportunity to be part of something really special. The Fluid Power Action Challenge is one of those things. We just finished our seventh event for seventh and eighth-grade area students, who had the opportunity to experience mechanical and hydraulic engineering concepts first-hand. The students loved it!

We start by giving teams of four students a package containing wood, paper, glue, tubing, and syringes. Then we send them off to design and build this year's challenge machine. The Challenge requires innovative thinking, time management, project planning, resource management, teamwork, testing, adjusting, and experimenting.

All of these elements create a real-world, hands-on experience for the students.

Student and school participation have been at its best in the last three years; averaging over 130 local seventh and eighth-grade students. Participating schools have included Clay Intermediate, Edison Intermediate, Greene Intermediate, Jackson Intermediate, Jefferson Traditional, LaSalle Academy, Marshall Intermediate, Navarre Intermediate, John Young Middle, Baugo Community Schools and Career Academy of South Bend. We expect participation to increase and impact even more school systems each year, including the Baugo Community Schools. 



$250 supports a team of four students. It is inexpensive, but we can’t do it alone. If you supported this program last year, we thank you and hope you will do so again. If you have not supported the Challenge, we hope you will become part of the financial assistance network. Please join us for the Challenge Workshop Days and the Challenge Day. Once you see the powerful impact of this program, you will understand why we continue to bring it back year after year.

For more information about participating in or attending this year’s Fluid Power Action Challenge Day competition or about sponsoring this year’s NFPA Fluid Power Action Challenge, contact Krysten Shoulders or Matt Giloth at Daman Products at 800.959.7841.





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Since 2008, the NFPA (National Fluid Power Association) Fluid Power Action Challenge has offered middle school students the opportunity to experience a hands-on education concerning fluid power and mechanical engineering concepts. Through The Challenge, NFPA hopes to encourage students to select more mathematics and science courses in their high school curricula and to keep their options open for technology-based, post-secondary studies.


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